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LPN 1&2

LPN1&2 test results

Anal Furunculosis

Hip Dysplasia

Osteochondrosis Dissecans

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Eosinophilic Panosteitis

Addison's Disease



Entropion / Ectropion



LPN1&2 and LEMP

Genetic Testing for neurological diseases  in Leonbergers

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For LEMP we recommend avoiding matings that could produce LEMP-D/D (i.e. affected) dogs. Having only one LEMP-D/N parent, with a LEMP-N/N parent, will ensure that no LEMP-D/D offspring will be born.
In a global group of more than 5,000 Leonbergers which have been submitted to our laboratories, about 14% were
LEMP-D/ N carriers.

There is no need for a new blood sample if a sample has already been submitted to the Institute of Genetics of the University of Bern for LPN testing, as the LEMP test can be performed on this same sample for 50 CHF/EUR after pre-payment onto the account of the Institute of Genetics (University of Bern):IBAN: CH5309000000603151885, BIC: POFICHBE (Postfinance, CH-3030 Bern).Please mention the lab ID (LB no.) and send an e-mail

LEMP result of dogs that were allready tested for LPN can be  asked by email to -- for dogs tested in Bern,cCosts € 50,-- per dog.

For dogs tested in Minnesota you can request the LEMP result on

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The LPN1 research manuscript was published on October 3, 2014:

The LPN2 research manuscript was published in August 2017
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