Internationale Union für Leonberger Hunde
The official website of the International Union for Leonberger Dogs

The Leonberger is a powerful and elegant giant breed.  

These wonderful, family dogs are strong, active and first of all loyal family members.

The international association of Leonberger Dog clubs was formed in 1975 for the purpose of improving the breed of the Leonberger Dog within the framework of the official standards.

Twenty National Leonberger Clubs are member of the International Union, they meet annually and work together to preserve and protect the breed.

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FCI World Winner Dog Show 26th June 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation.

 Male World Winner  2016 (BOB)
Urchin iz Galkina Gnezda

Female World Winner 2016 (BOS):
Angelkingdom Surprise Queen of Hearts

Male junior World Winner 2016
Rua Soleil Formidable Gatsby

Female Junior Wold Winner 2016
Caeleste Charisma iz Galkina Gnezda

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FCI European Dog Show Brussels, 28 August 2016

                                 BOB Tonja Vom Lowengarten                                                                     BOS Leokings Lionheart @ Hillhaven

Best junior Knockando's Yin The Moon Of Mor

Best veteran and BIS veteran 3 Hakuna C. Bora Z Miloticek

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