Best In Show                                      Aceca Solid Gold Easy Action for Lowenhole       

Reserve Best In Show                       Stormchaser Fallon  

Best Opposite Sex In Show               Stormchaser Fallon  

Dog CC                                              Aceca Solid Gold Easy Action for Lowenhole       

Reserve Dog   CC                              CH Davenhealth Court Jester JW ShCM 

Bitch CC                                            Stormchaser Fallon  

Reserve Bitch CC                              Clydebrae Rumour has it

Best Puppy In Show                         Debbollinby Naughty Girl for Kumamatata         

Best Opposite Sex Puppy In Show  Melauda Wookie Wizzard

Best Veteran                                      CH Mandazz Angelic Whisper to Clydebrae


Dog Judge –  Mr Steve Hall


Class 1 – Veteran Dog. (7 entries,  3 Absent )

1st        Lionscourt Aldermin                                     

2nd          CH Kitarn Chutzpah of Tanyvska

3rd           Debbollinby Spirit Dancer



Class 2 - Minor Puppy Dog. (0 entries)

No Entries


Class 3 - Puppy Dog. (2 entries 0 Absent)

1st        Melauda Wookie Wizzard

2nd          Debbollinby Name of the Game for Kumamatata



Class 4 – Junior Dog. (11 entries,  4 Absent)

1st        Rossnick Quest for a Star

2nd          Lionslord Solomon Cane

3rd           Melauda Wookie Wizzard

Res      Stormchaser All Guns Blazing

VHC   Amandalone Regulus


Class 5 - Yearling Dog. (5entries,  2 Absent)_

1st        Vannroy Othello

2nd          Pagency Primera Archena

3rd           Debbollinby Angel or Demon at Locksfield



Class 6 – Novice Dog. ( 2entries,  0 Absent)

1st        Debbollinby Name of the Game for Kumamatata

2nd          Duke of Earl


Class 7 – Graduate Dog. (4 entries,  0 Absent

1st        Leovannas First Class Lad

2nd          Kernow Crazy Dragon

3rd           Sancholees Monte Carlo

Res      Amandalone Regulus



Class 8 – Post Graduate Dog. (8 entries,  1 Absent

1st        Detrah Harry’s Legacy

2nd          Jantonely Hooray Henry

3rd           Wolfen Incantation by Tanyvska

Res      Bavaruki Just a Hullabalou at Pagency

VHC   Duke of Earl


Class 9 – Limit Dog. (14 entries,  2 Absent)

1st        Acecas Heart of Gold

2nd          Lionscourt Coeur de Lion of Brynarian

3rd           Debbollinby Just a Rumour

Res      Stormchaser Beluga for Rossnick

VHC   Vannroy Double Bluff at Dacfolke



Class 10 – Open Dog. ( 5 entries,  1 Absent)

1st        Aceca Solid Gold Easy Action for Lowenhole

2nd          CH Davenhealth Court Jester JW ShCM

3rd           Rossnick High Flyer



Bitch Judge –  Mr Peter Jolley


Class 11 – Veteran Bitch. (18 entries,  11 Absent)

1st        CH Mandazz Angelic Whisper to Clydebrae

2nd          Ghylladare Hightor

3rd           Kinghern Special Lady

Res      Kumamatata Askmenot

VHC   Altonastigens Esmerelda


Class 12 – Minor Puppy Bitch. ( 4 entries,  2 Absent)

1st        Davenheath Dainty Lady

2nd          Seaxa Kestrel of Locksfield


Class 13 – Puppy Bitch. ( 8 entries,  2 Absent)

1st        Debbollinby Naughty Girl for Kumamatata

2nd          Debbollinby Norma Jean at Amathus

3rd        Kitarn Urban Style

Res      Starlake Capella

VHC   Cleon Costa Fortuna av Ruben


Class 14 – Junior Bitch. (12 entries,  4 Absent)

1st        Stormchaser Fallon

2nd          Jantonely Jezabelle

3rd           Stormchaser Persia

Res      Kitarn Urban Style

VHC   Vannroy Once Upon a Dream at Shaleodust



Class 15 – Yearling Bitch. (3 entries,  1 Absent)

1st        Liionslord Destino La Luna

2nd          Benellieson Skys the Limmit



Class 16 – Novice Bitch. ( 8 entries,  2  Absent)

1st        Rekileijonan Hunaja-pupu among Cleon

2nd          Debbollinby Naughty Girl for Kumamatata

3rd           Stormchaser Persia

Res      Stormchaser Arabia

VHC   Castor Geminorum


Class 17 – Graduate Bitch. (4 entries,  2 Absent)

1st        Rossnick Maserati

2nd          Nahkolam Goldem Sands at Leonbeck


Class 18 – Post Graduate Bitch. (10 entries,  7 Absent)

1st        Seaxa Ice and Fire

2nd          Clydebrae Ruby Tuesday

3rd           Rossnick N’est Pas


Class 19 – Limit Bitch. (12 entries,  3 Absent)

1st        Clydebrae Rumour has it

2nd          Kwenobe Zendi Yenta at Alfross

3rd           Ghylladare Naivasha Deevon of Simden

Res      Tarkaleoes Atlantic Maid at Kensalroag

VHC   Coombevalley Elexus



Class 20 – Open Bitch. (8 entries,  4 Absent)

1st        Jaybiem At A Glace Teez’a Vannroy

2nd          CH Kwenobe Balfen Damalie to Clydebrae

3rd           Clunkamoor in the Pink

Res      Stormachaser Soraya at Tanyvska