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Notes on the ILU health group conference call of the 26th of January 2015.

Note: The ILU secretary did say something before the meeting started, but he didn't participate in the meeting.

We had three members of the group attending; Sharon Springel, Metha Stramer  and Wilma Kroon, as well as the ILU secretary, Hein Sibrijns. We used the facility, and found it better in terms of audio clarity and reliability of connection than Skype was in the past. We started the meeting at 16:20 UK time, having waited 20 minutes for all to join.

1- The web video project

We discussed how to move forward on this, as we are all very aware that we must deliver something for the next ILU meeting in the end of September of this year. Sharon had been asked by Hein to send him a brief description of the project the previous week, and we felt that this was essentially a suitable boiled-down outline of the project:

“The aim of the video will be to educate breeders and owners about the basic rules of population genetics. It will examine the problem of decreasing genetic diversity within a closed studbook system and how to use tools such as the Co-efficient of Inbreeding and estimated breeding values in order to safeguard the future health of the breed without sacrificing breed type”.

Earlier in the month, Sharon had circulated an outline of the likely stages of producing this video, and it was agreed to use this as a strategy to proceed with as soon as possible. Wilma will contact a potential speaker, (Pieter Oliehoek: Geneticist his website:  who was previously discussed by the whole ILU health group last year), and also agreed to contact some Netherlands based web production companies to get cost estimates from.

The plan is that Sharon and Wilma will meet with Peter in the next month or so, and work out a clear outline for the video. We will also choose a video production company who can deliver the following:

·         A camera / light and sound recording package for a one day shoot- probably in Peter’s office.

·         A one or two day editing session following our instructions.

·         The delivery of three versions of the final piece, one in English, and two further versions subtitled in French and German.

·         The technical skills to upload and de-bug these versions onto the web.

We will build some illustrative graphics and gather some images and then proceed to  a one day shoot in the Netherlands in the early summer, followed by a post-production session in the late summer. The aim is to have a version ready for the ILU meeting in September. It was agreed that Wilma and Sharon will run this project between them.

2- The DNA bank project.

There is some concern that some members of the ILU health group are struggling with their own issues right now, but that this could not be allowed to prevent progress being made, as we are obliged as a group to carry on. The next steps were identified as being:

Contact the academic partners and update them on what occurred at the full delegates’ meeting in Leonberg this past September.  Sharon will email Minnesota, Bern and the AHT and fill them all in.

Create an outline of what is needed to build the database that will form the spine of the DNA bank- with the aim of developing a design brief that can then be taken to possible software developers to get some idea of format possibilities, costs, security and accessibility, management and timeframes. 

One way to achieve this is to put together another conference call with our partner institutions and brainstorm what they would like to see included.  Another approach is to simply manage this as a series of round-robin emails, although this will potentially be a more prolonged process.  Either way, this will provide us with the outline of functionality that we need to brief a software developer, and this in turn will generate some idea of likely development cost.

The goal would be to have such an outline fully budgeted and agreed for presentation at the delegates’ meeting in September 2015. Even better would be to have a software developer on board by then and ready to proceed.  Sharon will try to liaise with Teresa about this.

In addition to this, and as discussed last year, there is a need to get a better understanding of where exactly there are Leonberger DNA collections held around the world, and which of the institutions holding these might be agreeable to the idea of adding them to the new international Leonberger DNA bank. Metha and Hein have kindly agreed to begin making these enquiries in the hopes that an inventory of breed DNA collections can also be gathered together in time for the meeting in September.

The discussion concluded at 16:45