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Neuropathic disorders in Leonberger dogs:

A variety of neuropathic disorders have been found in dogs and thus in Leonbergers, some of them can best be compared with Charcot-Marie-Tooth in humans, others are Cerebellum Ataxia Leuco Encophalo Myelopathy, Wobbler Syndrome, Degenerative Myleopathy.
A problem is that more or less the same symptoms may be caused by many diseases, included poisoning, hyperthyroism and infections.
In case a dog has a strange gait, has problems to stay on its feet, has his voice changed, has problems breathing, the possibility of a neuropathic disorder must not be overlooked.

Studies of Leonberger Polyneuropathy in Minnesota and Switzerland have resulted in a genetic test for two forms of LPN  lpn 1&2.

Specific information on a form of PN for which a genetic test is available can be found on the
LPN1 page.

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Leonberger affected by Polyneurpoathy.
Notice the amyotrophy of the hind legs.
(After S. Blot)

Leonberger affected by Polyneuropathy.
Notice the way the front feet are placed and the amyothrophy of the hind legs. (after S. Blot)